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  • Athletic and academic scholarships in High schools, Prep Academies, Junior Colleges or Universities in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia

We have been doing this job for more than 15 years and during this period we have had more than 4000 clients from over 60 different countries.

Find out if you meet necessary criteria for getting athletic scholarship in the USA, Canada, Europe or Asia.


Athletic scholarships for high schools and sports academies in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia

age 10 - 19

We will find a High School/Prep School/sports academy, which will fully or partially sponsor a student-athlete.

Athletic scholarships for Junior Colleges and Universities in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia

age 17 - 24

We will find a Junior College or University which will fully or partially sponsor a student-athlete

Academic scholarships for High schools and Universities in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia

age 10 - 24

We will find an educational institution which will provide an academic scholarship for a student

Why Pro Futuro Sports?

  1. Tradition and experience

    The agency was founded in 2006. So far, more than 4000 students from more than 60 countries have participated in our programs.

  2. Highly rated schools

    We send our clients to renown schools, to the schools we already cooperate with and to the ones we visited.

  3. We save your money

    We provide the highest possible amount of scholarship and in this way save our clients' money.

  4. Chance for each athlete

    We work with athletes of different level, quality and age. You don't have to be "a pro level" to be a part of our program.

  5. Entering the process is free

    Joining our program is completely free of charge.

    Without a prepayment, we will assess the level of an athlete and we will offer potential schools.

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Pro Futuro Sports scout Frank Holloway and Ben Simmons (NBA star)

Popular sports which can get you athletic scholarship

American Football
Track and Field
Water polo

Our clients

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Other Sports

Jovana Vucetic


Jovana was born in 1997. She helped lead Sunrise Christian Academy to the KCAA championship, where she was named tournament MVP. She played three years for Red Star Belgrade and helped win six national titles over the course of three years, while averaging eight points and six rebounds ... Played for the Serbian National Team in 2015. She is on the Marshall University.

Vakaris Grauslys


Vakaris Grauslys, a boy from Lithuania, enrolled in West Notthingham Academy, one of the best high schools in the States. This is the oldest boarding school founded in 1744.

Elias Nilsson


Elias is a Swedish national team member. He covers the position of G-SF. He chose to go to Hoosac school in the state of New York.

Lia Mikiashvili


Lia Mikiashvili, a girl from Georgia. She plays as a center, had many opportunities, eventually accepted a full ride offer from Oklahoma Christian University. She will compete at D2 level.

Branko Shumenkovski


A boy from Macedonia, a member of the youth national team. He chose to go to one of the best basketball academies in Pensylvannia.

Jaka Prevodnik


A boy from Slovenia, great student, chose a prestigious high school in the state of Maryland.

Luka Tabak


Luka , the son of the former Croatia national team member Zan Tabak. After spending 2 years in the USA he is continuing his schooling and basketball in Hong Kong, at one of the best universities in the world.

Tibet Deniz Gorener


A member of U16 and U17 Turkish national teams. He got an offer from one of the best schools in the USA regarding both academics and sports – Montverde academy.

Bruno Hansen


Bruno Hansen is a basketball player from Brazil. He chose to be a part of The American University of Greece, Athens.

Ksenia Kozolova


Ksenia Kozolova is from Russia and Montverde Academy added her to girls’ varsity basketball roster.

Lucija Bilic


Lucija Bilic - a basketball player at Wisconsin Parkside. Born in 1997, played for all youth national teams of Croatia. Got a full scholarship for University of Wisconsin Parkside.

Amund Morin


Amund is a playmaker from Sweden. He chose to be a part of the Simpson University.

Vukasin Tuzlancic
Bosnia and Herzegovina


207 cm tall middle blocker, coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina. A volleyball player who decided to continue his athletic and academic career at Lincoln Memorial University, NCAA division II.

Scherine Dahoue


A great volleyball player and a France youth national team member. She got a full scholarship from Miami Dade College.

Uros Lalic


A volleyball player at AUD Dubai. Born in 1998, played for all youth teams of Red Star and national teams of Serbia. Got a full scholarship for American University of Dubai.

Rođen 1998. godine, prošao sve mlađe kategorije Crvene Zvezde i reprezentacije Srbije. Dobio punu stipendiju na AUD.

Violeta Konculic
Bosnia and Herzegovina


Violeta Konculic, volleyball girl from Derventa, Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a libero, she continues her career at New Mexico Military Institute.

Yelizaveta Sharkova


Yelizaveta Sharkova is from Melitopol, Ukraine. She is a volleyball youth national team member, she joined Indian Hills Community College. The Indian Hils volleyball team is ranked in the top 10 US volleyball teams among Junior Colleges.

Alena Gertsovskaya


Alena is from Russia. At the moment, she is studying ona a full scholarship at one of the most prestigious schools in Texas.

Vera Alenicheva


Great tennis player from Russia, accepted an offer from North West Missouri State University. She got a full ride.

Evgeniya Pugina


She plays at one of the strongest tennis academies in Florida, where she combines schooling and professional tennis training.

Katarina Drazic


Katarina performs at the Celzius Tennis Academy, one of the strongest tennis academies in Florida. ITF Junior ranking Katarina - 567.

Djurdjina Vrhovac


Djurdjina received a full scholarship at Kansas Wesleyan University.

Maria Kuzminskaya


Maria is playing at NCAA Division 1-Chicago State University on a full athletic scholarship.

Jovan Jankovic
United Arab Emirates / Serbia


A Serbian boy born in United Arab Emirates, went to Missouri Valley university to move on with his soccer and school.

Luka Eric
United Arab Emirates / Serbia


A boy from Serbia living in Dubai. He played for the prestigious The Football Academy from Dubai. Luka chose Trinity International University.

Carla Perez


Carla is from Las Palmas, Spain. In the summer of 2016. received an athletic scholarship in the University of Northwestern Ohio, where she is a member of the women's soccer team.

Dusan Keca


Dusan is from Belgrade, Serbia. Dusan is currently a midfielder at Illinois Central College.

Danil Merenkov
Russia / Kazakhstan


Danil is from Russia, he plays soccer for the high school in New York. The school is known for its high level of sports. Danil plays for the high school team and semi-professional New York soccer league.

Nika Bulashvili


Nika is the main goalkeeper of the Georgian soccer team U18. Nika accepted offer from one of the most prestigious school in New York, Hoosac School.

Damjan Mojsin


Damjan a boy from Zrenjanin chose a great boarding school in Pennsylvania.

Lazar Lestaric


Lazar is an ice hockey player from Belgrade, Serbia. In 2013 and 2014 he was a part of the National Team of Serbia U20 and U18. He decided to continue his education and hockey career at McKendree University

Ilya Senik


Ilya Senik, a member of the youth hockey team of Ukraine , plays in the US Youth Hockey League - New Jersey Rockets, USPHL League.

Savely Morozov


Savely a graduate of the Moscow Dynamo sports school, plays in the US Youth Hockey League- New York Aviators, USPHL League.

Konstantin Rossiysky


Konstatin signed a professional contract with the Muik Hockey Club in Finland.

Martynas Klymas


Martynas was a member of the Lithanian national light athletic team in 2011 and 2013. In 2015, The Florida Prep Academy added him to track and field roster.

Aleksandar Kirilov


Aleksandar graduated from Hoosac School. He took opportunity to be a student - athlete for the William Carey University and he joined track and field team.

Mikolay Dabrowski


Mikolaj Dabrowski is from Poland. He is currently playing for Carnegie Schools-Riverside baseball team.

Artem Loginov


Artem received scholarship to one of the most prestigious schools in Maine, where he represents the school's freestyle wrestling team.

Yasmin Kolasinac


Yasmin a member of the Serbian youth water polo team , received a sports scholarship from Kings College on New Zealand, where he continued his career.

Find out


  1. What is necessary for someone to get a scholarship in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia?
  2. What are the expences and how much money do you need for school and playing sports abroad?
  3. What educational/athletic institutions does PFS cooperate with?
  4. What does PFS guarantee?
  5. What level of sports quality do you need in order to continue with education and sports abroad?

Parents' concerns

No upfront payments

Entering the process is completely free of charge. The payment is made only after a client accepts an offer from a school. In order to start the colaboration and to get offers from school where your child would continue his/her athletic and academic development abroad, you don't have to pay anything.

Too expensive

Athletes who are a part of our program get athletic scholarhips from educational institutions. Scholarships cover all or part of the costs of the schooling, room and board and sports.

Will my child be safe?

Schools we cooperete with take full care about their students. During their studying, kids are taken care of 24/7.

Will you find a school for my child?

We can find an appropriate school even for the clients whose athletic level is not top quality. With our experience and quality assessment, we find a place which will satisy all the clients' needs and give an opportunity for further development.

Level of English

High school students usually don’t have to possess a high level of English. They will improve the language while they are in school. Generally, a child needs a few months to learn the language good enough to follow classes and other activities. Official exams are obligatory for students who continue their education in Junior Colleges and Universities.

What do we do?

What are our commitments?
Introductory interview and explaining the process to the clients

During the introductory interview, we talk in details with our clients and explain the way the process functions. If a client agrees with the proposition, we talk about further steps connected to the preparation of the video materials and other documents.

Assessment of the quality and possibilities of cooperation

After we get the video material and recommendations, our team defines if a client is a candidate to get a full or partial scholarship. According to this, we inform our clients about their possibilities. A client becomes officially a part of our program once he has signed a contract.


When a client enters our program officially, our team starts with promotional activities with the aim of finding an adequate school. Our goal is to find the best possible offer which will satisfy both athletic and academic aspects of our client.

Presenting the offers

We present the offers to our clients. We talk in details with the parents and children and define which school is the best.

Admission procedure

After accepting a certain offer, we start the application procedure where we get all the financial and other documents for embassy and for getting student's visa. Application procedure might last from one to several months, depending on the complexity of the application itself and the documents required. The complete process of admission as well as getting all the papers, including student's visa, is lead and controlled by our team.

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15 years of success

  • Serbian office: Jovana Rajića 11, Beograd

Pro Futuro Sports is an organization which cooperates with thousands of high schools, sports academies, Junior Colleges and Universities around the world. Educational and sports institutions we work with are located the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. Owing to our huge experience and contacts we have, our mission is to secure the best possible scholarship to our clients according to their quality. What sets us apart from the rest is the fact that we work with the clients of different levels and quality, both athletic and academic. Age group of our clients can be between 10 and 24. Our goal, wish and obligation is a happy client.


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